About Us

A Little About Us


We are very pleased and excited to announce that we have finally moved into our new building! Aura & Mike purchased the old Bank of Montreal building at 9902 Main St in Summerland and are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone in our new bigger location.

We are still committed to making everything fresh and delicious with our handmade dough, fresh produce, quality meats and never made before you order food that has made us a Summerland and area favourite for nearly 30 years
We will always take pride in being a family run business and we are looking forward to many more years of our family welcoming your family in our new home. We know we have the best customers in the Okanagan, even if  you don't come from anywhere near the Okanagan.  Without you we wouldn't be celebrating so many successful years in business. So we would like to say many Thanks to all of our customers past, present and future...

Mike & Aura And the Staff


Mike & Aura are well known, long time faces at Yaki's, having first joined the team to help Aura's mom and dad when they owned the business back in 2002. Although Sue & Al are mostly retired you'll still see them around sometimes helping out. The same goes for Mike & Aura's four kids. All have either worked for, or still work for mom and dad. The rest of the staff may change on occasion but since we usually have a lot of high school kids working for us they are always familiar local faces

The Local Connection


We love being part of our community!

We try to be as involved in our community as much as possible, whether it is through local sports groups, our schools, fundraising for- or donating to- local non profit groups or just attending our Summerland festivals. Summerland has been a great place to live and work and it makes us happy and proud to be part of it.